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who i am

Hello, I'm Laura!

I plan kick-ass parties and weddings that you, your friends and your family will be talking about forever!

I’m based in Liverpool and my services stretch across the North. If you live a little further than that and like what I do, don’t worry, get in touch and I’m sure we can sort something out. 

I watch more reality TV than the average 30 something probably should. 

I’m fully convinced that there’s no food out there that can’t be made better with the addition of cheese. 

Speaking of cheese, my knowledge of 90s boybands is second to none.  

My hair has been pretty much every colour under the sun. I’m can’t remember the last time I saw my natural hair colour. 

I like to collect certificates. They make me feel fancy. Here’s a nice list of some of my favourites.

Wedding Planner School
– Professional Wedding and Events Planning Diploma
– Marketing and Business

New Skills Academy
– Wedding Planning Diploma

Alpha Academy
– Diploma in Event Planning And Management

International Open Academy
– Baby Shower Party Planner
– Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Planning
– Event Design and Styling
– Kids Party Planner
– Party Planner